[American Idol] Audition #3 Chicago: Third Time Attempt for Angela Martin

Chicago is the third stop for this year's audition, and I must admit that this city a bit disappointed me after those good talents from Boston and Atlanta.

Cause by this second week, the audition turned down till only a hour per city, I'll be more to the point.

The best from Chicago: Angela Martin.
She's a familiar face for frequent AI viewers since she's been on Hollywood for last two seasons but didn't make through voting rounds for both chances.
And, she ain't give up yet. Here she comes for her third appearance on Idol.
Singing "Just Fine" by Mary J Blige. For me, that was the most promising female audition so far.
I could see her feel and emotion, and I like her hard-work and self-esteem to decided to tried again for the third time.
She's def one of the most talented girls we've seen this season.
I hope she'll make it into Top 12 if she's as great as we could figure out right now.

Not-so-funny audition: Amy Lang.
She has a 'special ability' with her boobs. And she started her brief audition with pretended to fainted.

Charity Vance sang "Summertime" and the judges loved her.
I didn't. She has small voice, and for me small SCREECHY voice.
Sorry, but I didn't get it.

Asian Invasion: There was a asian boy, Chinese-face, named John Park.
I didn't like him. He did a pretty good job. But I'm not into him.
However, Shania was reaaally into him. She commented that he has 'nice lips' and 'beautiful bottom'. Hmmm...
I think Anoop and Sanjaya were better than him. I'm more into India face, haha.

Paige Dechausse, a bad-asthma-attack survivor, turned "A Change Is Gonna Come" into her own.
I didn't really like it, though. I believe this song should be sung with powerful and passionate voice, like Adam did on Finale last season, and Syesha did on Top 4 two seasons ago.

Country diva, Shania Twain was the guest judge for Chicago. She showed proper judging ability like Mary J Blige did, not like Victoria Beckham.
I prefer Mary, but Shania did a great job, she's even 'pushed' Randy to let a contestant moved on to Hollywood (Paige, I guess, CMIIW) after Simon said no when Shania and Kara said yes. And Randy finally said yes.

That's it for Chicago.