[American Idol] Audition #4 Orlando: Zero City

We arrived at Orlando as this season's audition stopped in it's 4th city.
And I was a bit disappointed even more to this city, after Chicago.

I don't think any of golden ticket getters from Orlando would end up as a true contender this season, I even doubt they could make it into Top 12 - or 24.

A good daddy, Seth Rollins sang "Someone to Watch Over Me".
He's got a good voice, but I have to see he handles bigger songs to decide how great he is.

Another black male contestant, Jermaine Purifoy performed "Smile".
The judges praised him, Kara called it 'an honest performance'.
I thought it was good, but still far from great. By the way, he's the second Jermaine we'll be watching this season, after Jermaine Sellers from Atlanta, I prefer Sellers than Purifoy.

Anybody misses Blake Lewis?
We've got another beatboxer this season, Jay Stone.
The judges seemed impressed with his beatboxing, but Simon didn't say yes for him.
I thought his rendition of "Ain't No Sunshine" was good. Probably Simon understated him after his beatboxing.

Kristin Chenoweth was the guest judge for Orlando, but only for Day 1.
The judge panel turned into 3 judges formation again since Season 7 with Kara replaces Paula's spot, for Day 2.
I've never heard about Kristin, anyway.

There was a girl named Michelle Delamor who's been featured on AI ads, and featured as 'coming up' audition in this episode, but never appeared.
Damn, I was looking forward to see her audition.